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About the Gin


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Set new Standards …

First take two young guys aiming for something special. Their philosophy in the kitchen was always achieving the unexpected and creating something incredible. The two guys - let’s call them Bernhard and Alexander - had always loved surprising their friends with culinary treats and to this end would regularly go wild in the kitchen. Their aim was to share their love of experimentation and the fun of creating something special out of something fairly ordinary. The only question was: How? The idea in their heads was this: “It has always been our dream to something innovative, something we can call our own. We want to be different and thrill people with something new and unexpected. We love gin but you just can’t drink most brands without tonic!” This, then, was the challenge they set themselves - creating a gin that can be consumed neat - and they would not stop until they had achieved just that. So, with a small still, heaps of ideas and even more tries they finally managed to achieve what no one had really ever believed possible: a surprisingly outstanding gin: Made in Austria.


What is in the ROOM 43 ...

As soon as you open the bottle the fragrances will enchant and have you longing for a first glass. Fruity and floral notes toy with the typical juniper berry flavours you would expect from a gin and it is never clear which gains the upper hand. The incredible bouquet is only surpassed by its taste and creates a gin so mild, that its alcohol content of 43% comes as a surprise. Its intense flavour, however, also tempts you to leave out the tonic from time to time for a unique taste experience you will never forget.

room's distillery Gin aus Graz

A unique blend ...

… of handpicked and exquisite ingredients makes ROOM 43 a remarkable gin. The base is an organic wheat of the highest grade which is then combined with the finest botanicals before being distilled once again. After the final distillation process the gin is given time to rest to develop its full flavour potential. Once it is fully matured it is combined with crystal clear bedrock water from the Austrian Mühlviertel area and diluted to the desired 43%.

Gin room 43

Let’s turn the Gin World upside down ...

ROOM 43 blazes a trail far from mainstream products. The unique symbiosis of flavours that makes our ROOM 43 so special is -and will always be - our secret, but there is one thing we are ready to tell you, the botanicals we use can be counted on the fingers of both of your hands. This is because we want our flavours intense and recognisable and not a blend of numerous unspecified tastes.